AbleSocialNetwork encourages users to take full advantage of its unique platform by sharing information regarding their specific disability.

As the founder, I have been living life from the height of a wheelchair since 1994.

I broke my neck in a car accident, which resulted in a spinal cord injury, paralyzing me from the shoulders down.

Twenty-two years of wheelchair living lead me to create AbleSocialNetwork.

Folks living life with a disability and those supporting them will agree it's a unique living experience. In the disability world, sharing is key.

Sharing your own unique story, sharing the trials, tribulations and triumphs each AbleSocialNetwork user experiences and chooses to share greatly helps other new and seasoned disabled individuals on AbleSocialNetwork because it offers unique information only those who are disabled and those surrounding them can understand.

Particularly if you are disabled, AbleSocialNetwork encourages you to build your profile page to the max, so other users can get to know you! Depending on countless circumstances, which disabled individuals are privy to, getting out of the house may not be so easy or possible.

AbleSocialNetwork is an online Starbucks where you can blog, browse our marketplace, post photos, share videos, compete in quizzes, check out upcoming events, create a page for your own event, or just hang out and people watch.

What I see for AbleSocialNetwork is the same thing I see for people living with disabilities¦ endless possibilities.

Uniqueness is added with each new member; people looking to share, connect, have fun and most of all, not survive, thrive.

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